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Pipe Burst Houston

Life is full of unexpected circumstances, and a pipe bursts in your home it is one of the worst life has to offer, but to every yin, there is a yang, and our pipe burst Houston professionals are here to remedy your unexpected problem. One of the biggest attributes to Houston’s success in 1950 was the widespread use of air conditioning. With deserts, the Gulf, and mountains nearby, the topography was desirable. Thanks to the petroleum found beneath the surface , work was profitable. Yet, no one would move to Southern Texas without that all important air conditioning to keep them going during the summers. Again, you must take the good with the bad, when a pipe bursts on your A/C unit , flooding occurs quickly. Don’t let it take over your home. Get the water out and the cool air back in with our same day service water damage team. Call 911 Restoration Houston for all your disaster restoration needs. Call us at 713-714-5652 and see how we can offer you a free visual inspection.


How Bad is a Pipe Burst?

Pipe bursts are bad enough to cause significant damage to the structure of your home, and there are health risks involved when dangerous spores, fungus, and mold begin to develop, all of this is possible if you do not call our pipe burst Houston crew as soon as possible once a pipe leak happens. We are licensed insured, and bonded with over 35 years of experience helping families through the water repair process. We always put the customer first, and we value professionalism, provide plumbing repair and water damage restoration services with the latest drying technology.

Do not let a pipe burst continue to spread its destruction, call 911 Restoration for a free inspection and an affordable price to shut it down The longer it goes, the deeper the water damage penetrates. A flood that finds its way deep into your drywall will remain dank and grow mold until you bring in our pipe burst Houston professionals for water extraction. We suck up all the moisture hidden beneath every surface. If you allow it to continue you, mold and fungus are sure to spread and will find their way into your lungs, ultimately ending up with you in the hospital. We pride ourselves on working with all insurance companies so we can provide the best possible service to every resident in Houston. Sometimes, your insurance policy will pay for the entire restoration service. Call 911 Restoration at 713-714-5652 when you need our pipe burst Houston crew so we can save you from mold.


What is a Pipe Burst?

Our pipe burst Houston specialists consider a pipe burst to be a pressurized plumbing system that becomes unsealed for one reason or another. It is generally due to damage or age. Whatever the reason, it sprays water at high velocities. Wherever the break is aimed will become drenched in liquid. Hopefully, this is a pipe leading to the property as it will contain clean, category 1 water that is easy to sanitize. If it is a sewage pipe, it could be deadly category 3 black water. 911 Restoration Houston takes this type of problem very seriously. If you find that ruptured hoses or pipe bursts pour sewage into your home, get away from it and call our pipe burst Houston pros immediately. We respond within 45 minutes to clean it up. No matter where it originated, shut down your main water line to stop the flow. Read here to find out what we’re all about and contact 911 Restoration for all your water damage restoration needs. Call us at 713-714-5652 and see how we can help.


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