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Mold Remediation: My Week with Mold

Published by SEO on August 5, 2014 in category: Mold Inspection

Day 1: It can only get Worse

It started with a leaking pipe under the bathroom sink. The simple solution: a bowl to catch the water. Empty it every night. The problem with simple solutions is that they are often forgotten and they are rarely permanent. Even a small leak can cause the need for  mold remediation services.

Day 2: Simple Solutions Complicate Disasters

The overflowing bowl made a worse problem than the original leak. The cabinet underneath the sink flooded overnight. Drain the bowl. Empty the cabinet. Dry it with towels. Keep the mold away. Fix the source with a heavy wrench. Tighten the pipes. Problem solved.

Day 3: The Incessant Leak

A wet bathroom floor. The recurring leak splashed back. The faint scent of must, dampness.  Mold spores drift through the air. One deep breath. They travel through the nostrils into the esophagus. The need for a more permanent remedy has arisen. To the store and back with all the plumbing hardware. An evening of labor for the greater good. A watertight sink and drain.

Day 4: The Faux Fix Belies a Greater Threat

A smile in appreciation of a job well done. The smile drops with a slight cough. The odor stronger now. A growing black spot underneath the drain trap. Bleach. It ruins the cabinet in hopes of killing the mold. The cough grows into congestion and respiratory problems. An evening in the E.R.

Day 5: A Bathroom Held Hostage

The toxic bathroom. The moldy smell flirts with the hints of bleach; a taunt. DIY home remedies fail. Take another chance on the health risks? Leave the bathroom off limits? Surrender to the fungus? Sleep another night breathing the scratching mold spores? Breathing the toxicity?

Day 6: A Cry for Help

A call for reinforcements to the mold remediation Houston specialists. They respond within 45 minutes with exquisite mold remediation techniques. Their efficiency, speed, and affordable price is astonishing. They  absorb all the moisture with the latest drying technology. They start odor removal. The room takes on its original fresh scent once again. Mold decontamination eliminates the toxic spores from the air. Breath comes a bit easier. They spot the bleached cabinets. Restore the woodwork and dry wall to perfection. Inspect the new and old plumbing for free. Repair the three loose pipes throughout the home. Leave with a smile. All in a day’s work.

Day 7: A Life Renewed
A timid step into the bathroom. mold_remediation_HoustonA deep breath. A sigh of relief. Dry floors. Spotless cabinets. Peaceful, healthy, mold free home.

Any water emergency could turn into a mold fungus infestation. Make sure to request an inspection from mold remediation Houston experts after any leaks or floods on your property. They know the best mold remediation techniques and wear breathing masks when dealing with the fungus. Infestations spread quickly; a week could be too long to wait. Call mold remediation Houston professionals as soon as you smell the sickly mold signature, hear the pitter-patter of a far off drip, or see the telltale sign of black spots. If you do not act swiftly, you could end up in the emergency room with asthma or allergy symptoms that will only become worse with time.

Mold hides in dark, damp places and feeds on organic material. The easiest place for mold to grow is inside a basement or attic when a leak is present. Mold remediation Houston techs will be able to spot these leaks and determine if mold is growing nearby. When a free inspection is offered, there is no reason not to take advantage of it. Do not gamble with your lungs. Avoid respiratory problems and health risks; have your home checked by mold remediation Houston techs today.

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