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Sewage Backup: What is Worse than a 24-Hour “Purge?”

Published by 911 Restoration Houston on July 23, 2014 in category: Sewage Backup

Being trapped in a home with a toilet overflow for 24-hours. “The Purge” and its sequel, “The Purge: Anarchy,” are films depicting what it would be like if the United States implemented a system where all illegal activity became legal for 24-hours. Who would commit the crimes and who would be a victim? Sewage backup makes everyone the victim. You might be able to find a secure spot for a whole day to hide from the maniacs running around the street, but you can’t hide from a pipe burst or ruptured hoses. They will find you, and if left alone long enough, they will kill you. If you have grey water or black water, call in the sewage backup Houston professionals for help.

When the Purge Returns

In the films, the “Purge” is used to cleanse the soul. In reality, sewage is used to cleanse the body. You can imagine the bacteria and contaminants in returning water. It’s a difficult task to decide which is worse, the mold and disease associated with sewage or the mentally diseased humans depicted in “The Purge.” When you need the best sewage backup Houston services, you will also need water removal and mold decontamination. All of these elements can have just as much of an effect on you as the creatures from horror films coming to life. Black water spreads E. coli, water extractions done improperly can collapse your roof, and mold spores enter your esophagus causing your lungs to bleed. When whatever you purge returns, stay away from it and call sewage backup Houston professionals.

How to Stay Safe When Dealing with the Dreaded Purge

There are a few ways to stay safe if you ever find yourself in an environment such as that shown in “The Purge,” but only one way to save yourself from sewage backup. If you know the day of the Purge is coming up soon, go for a camping trip in a secluded area. Animals are far more docile than humans. If you can’t get out of the city, stay in a group and know who your real friends are, you’ll need them. As for purging water damage, call sewage backup Houston pros for water repair and sanitation. They are your friends in the matter and will have your back the whole time. If you choose the right company, you could get all the disaster restoration services you need for an affordable price, and maybe even squeeze in a free inspection.

How bad is 24-Hours of Sewage Backup?

Dealing with the odor of sewage backup for a full day would be a feat within itself, but you have to remember the potential health risks involved, especially if this is from a toilet overflow. It may not be as immediate as the weaponry used by Purgers, but it has the same result. If you come into contact with black water, or ingest grey water, get to your doctor as soon as you can. Any time you find plumbing leaks or floods in your property, call the sewage backup Houston experts for help, it could save your life.

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