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Water Damage Restoration: How to Avoid the Slurpee Brain Freeze

Published by 911 Restoration Houston on July 11, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration

The best thing about 7-Eleven is Free Slurpee Day every year on 7/11, but the worst thing about a free Slurpee is the brain freeze. Water has a way of harming everything, including the human body, so whether you lose your house to a flood, or your mind to the freezing cold temptation of a slushy, be sure to have water damage restoration professionals on speed dial. The effects that Slurpees have on your mouth are an excellent metaphor for water does inside your house. No matter what, water is a necessity, and it is important you know how to live with it and survive the dreaded brain freezes. If your brain feels a little colder than usual, it is important to get some warm air in your mouth right away. If your home feels a little wetter than usually, it is important to get water damage professionals in there right away for mold remediation services.

How do Brain Freezes Occur?

It all starts when you walk into 7-11 on Free Slurpee Day and pick your favorite berry or cola flavors. You fill up that small paper cup with a wide smile on your face, walk up to the register if for nothing else than to say thank you for this delicious free dessert, and you take a big gulp of the Mango/Sprite mix. That’s when it hits you. The tingling pain in your sinuses. When the temperature on the roof of your mouth changes rapidly, it flows through your sinus tracks and into your brain cavity. The brain registers this as pain when it slows down.

Much the same happens with water damage inside your home. You have running water, a well-equipped water heater, and life is great. Until a small leak forms. That’s the first step. It’s the moment you walked into the convenient story to get your slushy. You can back out right now. You can replace the plumbing. But it’s only a small leak. How bad could it get? It’s only a small, free Slurpee. The truth is, small leaks escalate to big floods just as fast as the frozen drink flows up the straw and splashes the top of your mouth. From there, things only get worse. Your brain freezes. Your house rots. Can you imagine if you continued the frozen assault on your brain? It would shut off the same as your house will falter.

How can I Prevent a Brain Freeze?

There are a number of ways to prevent a brain freeze from a Slurpee, and just as many to prevent the need for water damage restoration. After you choose a flavor, everyone knows to put the lid on so that you can get more bang for your buck (or in this case, more drink for free), but do not put a straw in it. Fill your drink, walk out, remove the lid, and eat the top. A straw draws the liquid toward the back of your mouth and up toward the roof. You must keep it away from your roof if you want to avoid the brain freeze. If you must use a straw, stick it under your tongue instead of on top of it.

For water damage, you also want to keep liquid away from your roof. Clean out downspouts so that rain has an easy path to flow away from your roof and foundation. A sewage back flow valve will work the same way as not having a straw. Your plumbing leads right into your bathroom and your home. A backflow valve will keep sewage moving away from your home, rather than into it. Finally, request an inspection from water damage restoration Houston professionals. They will walk through your home showing you danger areas. Many times, you can find companies that will do this for free in a genuine attempt to keep you safe from approaching storms.

What should I do if I Already have a Brain Freeze?
If Free Slurpee Day gave you a brain freeze, open your mouth wide and breathe excessively for a few seconds to draw warm breath to the top of your mouth. Drinking warm coffee or eating a recently heated hotdog will have the same effect. The idea is to stabilize the temperature in your sinuses.

Water damage restoration is a little trickier and should be left to the professionals. If you need water removal, don’t attempt it yourself. Licensed, insured, and bonded companies will have the latest drying technology to ensure all water is absorbed and mold remediation will not be needed later.

When water attacks, whether it is through freezing cold temperatures, or torrential floods, turn to the professionals for help, then you can get back to enjoying your free Apple Berry Blast!

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